Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What To Do When Your Child Goes Off To College

As I write this, I sit surrounded by cubbies. Big cubbies. Cubbies taking up so much floor space that there is barely any room to walk around.

No, I'm not moving.

My oldest is off to his second year of college today.

I realized this morning that I was in his place 33 years ago.

I find that hard to fathom. How could it be that long ago when it seems like just a few years ago?

This staggering fact made me realize that any wise words of wisdom I may impart to him would be hopelessly out of date. It would be like someone giving me college tips from 1947. Can't quite see any relevance there. Were there even phones in college dorms back then?

So, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.

But here are my tips for when your child goes off to school.
  • do not offer your advice about anything.
  • your job today is a Sherpa.
  • make sure they have a good breakfast before they go. At least you know they won't starve for today.
  • give them a big hug before you leave your house, there may not be time later.
  • keep your opinions about their roommates to yourself, you're not living with them.
  • take assurance in the fact that you taught them well, now it's their time to fly.
  • do not cry until after you leave.
Have to go Sherpa.

 be organized.....evelyn


Kristen said...

My heart ached as I read this... don't even want to go there because I know that it will happen in the blink of an eye!

Evelyn Cucchiara said...

Don't worry - it's a long blink!

itri2 said...

Write it on your calendar (in Sharpie, please) to remind me of all this one year from now. My brain knows all this but to act on it I'll need it written on my hand!

Evelyn Cucchiara said...

itri2 - Are you sure I shouldn't write it in pencil?

Anonymous said...

i dropped my son off a few days ago, i didn't cry i just feel sad!

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