Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Book is Born!

Taa daa!  

It's the real thing!
Announcing my book - available for the first time in an actual, hold in your hand, take anywhere hard copy! 

Many, many people told me that they are not eBook readers. After many long hours formatting (thanks Joe!) I'm proud to announce we did it-

30 Days To An Organized Home is now available in a print version!

Click here for a description and an easy buy button.

It's also available on Amazon, along with the Kindle version. Just search under my name, Evelyn Cucchiara, and up it pops! Cool, huh?

It's summer. Life is slower. Take some time out to get organized. It'll pay off in September - I promise!

be organized.....evelyn

If you're on the fence and would like to see some of my book before you buy - get a free sample obligation, just click, enter your email, hit send and voila - free tips for your kitchen. And I won't bug you. I promise.

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