Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Kitchen Gadgets You Can't Live Without!

Proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.....

I've been cooking for too many years to mention, and I've seen my share of bad kitchen gadgets. You know the ones - things that take up more space then they're worth - things like the Salad Shooter (remember that one?) Garage sale fodder.

That's not what I"m talking about here today. Nope.

I present 3 kitchen tools, (they're too valuable to be called gadgets!) that I can't live without. One I (ahem) dreamed up, and the other two I just discovered this year. How can it be possible that I existed all this time without them? That's what I meant about the old dog.

No more talk - here they are....
menu board
 small offset spatula
cheese knife
  1. menu board - simply a white tile from the home improvement store. Every day write on it what you are planning for dinner with a washable marker. Saves the family from asking you over & over again "What's for dinner?",  saves you time when putting the meal together. You won't forget that you meant to slice up an apple to alongside, you won't forget to use up that lone cucumber hiding tin the fridge. Think it up once, write it down, don't think about it the rest of the day. 
  2. cheese knife - I recently bought this at The Kitchen Connection in Ocean Beach NJ. This is one of those items that I never knew how much I 'd use it until I got it. And I was thinking it was just for cheese....... It is great for that, but also excellent for tomatoes, (especially the little ones) rolls, chocolate, almost everything - the combo of a serrated edge, the holes in the blade and the small size make it my new go to knife. Get one, get one now.
  3. small off set spatula - I'm not sure if that really is what it's called - but whatever it is, it's great. The use list goes on & on - spreading peanut butter, jelly, pizza sauce, etc., but my favorite new use is removing melon from the rind. Sharp enough to go thru the soft melon, not sharp enough to cut you. Once you cut the melon into crescents, just use this spatula to separate the fruit from the rind. Flip eggs, flip pancakes. Brilliant.
Add these tools to your kitchen and see if I'm not right. You'll thank me.

On a completely different note, tonight I'm doing a presentation on organizing based on my book, 30 Days To An Organized Home. I'm calling it "Just Enough Organizing - Organizing for the Rest of Us" at a BIG Meeting tonight in Basking Ridge. Wish me luck! (Click on the highlighted words for more info......)
 be organized.....evelyn

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