Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sure Fire Way To Organize Necklaces & Bracelets - Never Search Again!

Do you find yourself wearing the same necklace over & over again, even though you have other choices? Sometimes it's because you have a favorite piece, othertimes, not so much, it's just because you just can't find the necklace you want!

I had that problem. I could picture in my mind exactly the necklace I wanted, then I would spend inordinate amounts of time looking for it, only to come up empty. Or I'd find the necklace I want, and it would be a tangled mess.

Makes you feel really useless.

No more.

Here's a no fail, easy to implement way to organize your necklaces & bracelets.

Hang'em where you can see'em.

And there's no better place then the inside of a closet door. Here's how:

Not that pretty, but  functionable!
  1. get cup hooks. Doesn't matter what color or size, just make sure they're big enough to hang necklaces on. 
  2. mark off three rows on the inside of your closet door. One in the middle, one 5 inches below that, one 24 inches above.
  3. using an awl or some other sharp pointy tool, make starter holes for the hooks on each row. Fit as many across as your door is wide. I fit 8.
  4. screw the cup hooks in. Use pliers to turn it all the way in so it's tight.
  5. find some sort of scrap carpet, rug padding, something a bit padded. Cut this into two squares large enough to fit behind the first and third rows of hooks. This is to absorb the noise the necklaces make when you open and close the closet door, and protect them from scratching. 
  6. use nails or a staple gun to attach the rug/padding in place.  
  7. Close up of the padding
  8. hang necklaces on the first & third row, hang bracelets on the middle row. Hang as many as you need to on each hook.

That's it! You're done! Now your necklaces are in an easy to access place, and won't become a tangled mess. (We'll talk about earrings later in life on another post.)

Just one more thing you won't have to think about anymore

 be organized.....evelyn

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