Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Simple Idea That Will Save Your Sanity

Yes, I'm claiming a lot with the title of this post.

And yes, I mean it.

Do this one idea regularly, and your life will be saner. You will be happier. And your house will be neater.

I'm talking about THE FAMILY CLEAN UP.

What is that you may ask?

It's a simple idea that removes YOU from being in charge of keeping your house neat.

It removes YOU from being the person who bugs everyone else about keeping the house neat.

Takes a bit of rewiring your family at first, but then it's a no brainer.

The simple steps:
Get more time to do this - in a neat house!

  1. gather your family together twice a week. We use a bell, the same bell we ring for dinner time.
  2. first come gets first choice of jobs. In our house the choices are - quick vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, dusting & decluttering. You'll have to show them how to do the jobs at first, but then it runs smoothly.
  3. each family member goes off and does their job.
  4. since you're all working together, no one feels they got the short end of the stick. And everything gets done quickly.
  5. results? In just 15 minutes or less, your house is now neat, tidy and clean. (At least on the surface. I do a deeper vacuuming & bathroom cleaning once a week.)
  6. you no longer have to vacuum under kids feet while they are playing video games. That alone makes the entire thing worthwhile!

The long term results of this idea are as follows:

  • no one is late because first there gets first choice of jobs.
  • your kids learn all types of home care jobs - enough to keep them going once they leave the nest.
  • you are not a one woman cleaning team anymore.
  • your house is guest ready at all times.

Try it out! Your family may surprise of my sons always picks cleaning the bathrooms!

Yes, it's a bit radical to expect your family to help keep the house neat, but trust me, it works!

It's simply another system, one that works for you and not against you.

What do you have to lose?

Check out my website for more ideas.....

be organized.....evelyn

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