Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Ah Ha Moment

My question is: how many times do I have to knock over something before I fix it? In my case, the answer is lots & lots.

Let me explain.

I wear contacts. All the time, except for the few minutes when I take them out at night get into bed. Then I wear glasses. Without my glasses, I can't see, so it's important to have them handy at night. I leave them on my nightstand next to my bed. And almost every morning when I get up, I knock them to the floor. Then I have to find them strictly by feel because I'm blind without them and it's usually dark. Not a good start to the day. Which leads back to my question of how many times do your have to knock something over before I fix it.
glasses & mattress pad control

I'm proud to announce I have now fixed it.

No I didn't get Lasik surgery.

This is what worked for me. I looked at the problem and devised a system, using what I had on hand.
I attached a plastic drinking glass to the side of my nightstand with Command Adhesive sticky things. Now every night the glasses slip right in, and in the morning I can find them without groping around on the top of the nightstand. It's impossible to knock them over. And I have more room on my nightstand!

I liked this idea so much that I mounted another plastic glass to the inside of the bathroom cabinet door for my husband's razor. It was getting in the way of getting other things out of the cabinet, so to the door it went.

razor in the cup
And it works beautifully.

This led me to think what else could I mount vertically instead of placing horizontally.

Next to my bed, I mounted the control for my heated mattress pad. (If you don't have one of these, get one now. You'll thank me later!) No more scrambling around on the floor looking for it.

I also mounted the control for the lights.

Now I have a mini command center within arms reach of my bed. Lights, heat, and vision all within my grasp.

Life is good.

be organized.....evelyn

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