Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Deserve A Weekly Date Night!

Okay, so yesterday I talked about taking my oldest off to college. A few traffic jams later, a few sad moments, and he's ensconced happily in his new dorm room.

That leaves two kids at home. With the first day of school next week.

Time to get schedules back up & running. Time to get the rules back in place.
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Time to actually put in place a weekly date night!

Studies show that date night is vital to your relationship. Even more then clean laundry.

So why is it so hard?

It's so hard because everything - from vacuuming the rug to washing the dog always seems more important.

It's not. Your relationship is.

Here are some ideas for a low cost time out with your SO. (Significant Other)

  • weekly movie at the local small theatre. Doesn't matter what's playing - pretend it's 1950 when people would go see whatever was there. Explore new genres. If you have the Optimium Triple Play thru Cable Vision- you get free movies on Tuesdays - go use the perk. Walk to the theatre. Skip the popcorn.
  • pack a picnic dinner and take it to a free concert.
  • go window shopping with an ice cream cone in your hand.
  • go to a museum. Many have a free admission night.
  • go for a bike ride. Without the kids.
  • go for a stroll - no power walking. Actually talk to each other. Try and remember what you did for your last anniversary.
  • go out to breakfast. At a local hotel. Feel like your on vacation in your own town. While this isn't all that low cost, it's a lot cheaper then dinner!

Now go plan, then do. Let me know what you come up with!

be organized.....evelyn

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Anonymous said...

Love the idea. We did this for a while, then life got in the way. It's time to re-instate it, especially now that my mom is retired and loves to babysit the kids!

itri2 said...

Sunday morning run has become our weekly ritual. Sure, we go out for dinner, have coffee at our local coffee shop (& pretend we're in Europe where savoring a coffee is like having a meal!) but the "date" I look forward to most is our early morning run together. Doesn't get much cheaper than that.

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