Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Organize Accomplishment

I was reading a passage from one of my favorite inspirational books today, and it was talking about how women don't give themselves enough credit for their achievements.

This really hit home. And not just for women. For everyone in the crazy age of "enough is never enough".

How many times have you completed one thing on your check off list and instead of taking a moment or two to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, you just jumped on to the next item? Doesn't matter if the item was big, like publishing a book, or small, like getting the kids out the door. I bet neither one made you feel good, made you feel like you did anything.

Time to reverse that. Time to take time and pat yourself on the back. If you don't take time to enjoy your accomplishments, no one else will either.

I, for one, have always kept my eyes on what's next, never actually enjoying what I've done so far.

I'm going to try and change that. Here are my ideas for me & for you:
  • pause for a second and say "I just did that!". Mentally pat myself on the back.
  • focus on what I have gotten done, not what I haven't.
  • don't be afraid to talk about your victories to friends! It's not bragging if you mention one thing, one time.
  • if you've been written up anywhere, frame the articles and made a "wall of pride". Do this for other members of your family too!
  • have anything you've been saving for that big celebration? Pick one of your past achievements and celebrate it today. 

I myself have a bottle of bubbly hiding in the fridge for years, just waiting until I sold more books, made more money, landed on the moon. Enough of that -  time to take it out.

Right now think of one thing you've accomplished recently. Now, stop for a moment and give yourself credit. Now go tell someone else about it.

be organized.....evelyn

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