Wednesday, July 20, 2011

6 Easy Tips To Get Yourself Going! And more If You Want Them!

If you're like me, the hardest thing to do is get going on a project.

I recently met Suzanne Moore of The Implementation Station, and she doesn't have this problem. In fact, she wants to help us not have this problem. She's a virtual assistant, and she's come up with a great list of 25 Helpful Hints for Better Implementation (that means get things done)! Not only is she super personable, she's really motivated too!

While her tips are directed more towards business owners, she has many, many that would work for anyone. (Thanks Suzanne!)

Here are my favorites:

 Helpful Hints for Better Implementation

  • Choose a single notebook or planner to record all of your “to dos.” Having everything in one place is super helpful.
  • Set aside time at the beginning of your week to plan your week.
  • Make a list of projects, prioritize them and then start from the beginning. Break the projects down into smaller pieces. Do one at a time and complete each one, don’t start the next big project until you’ve finished the last.
  • When you schedule your week, include time for important/major projects, don’t think that you’ll get to them when you “find time.”
  • Schedule time in each day to handle email. Make decisions quickly and empty your inbox every day!
  • Remove clutter from your home and office. It not only fills your house, it fills your head and that is counterproductive.

If you'd like to see her entire list of 25 tips, just click over to her website.

Try one or two out today. See if they don't make things easier for you!

And my book is getting closer to it's release! Expecting the second proof today!!!

But if you can't wait.....get a free sample obligation, just click, enter your email, hit send and voila - free tips for your kitchen. And I won't bug you. I promise.

 be organized.....evelyn


Andrea said...

Nice list! I definitely feel like sometimes organizing the computer situation can be a little overwhelming.

Evelyn Cucchiara said...

I agree - as I sit here right now I'm surrounded by loose scraps of paper, assorted pencils, piles of stuff. I think it's because i always try and fit the computer into too small of a space!

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