Friday, July 22, 2011

Round 'em up & Read 'em!

The weekly roundup! Just in case life got in your way this week and you missed any organizing tips, here's the list from this week. Just click on the day to see that post.
It's morphed from an eBook to a hold-in-your hand book!

  • Monday - Countdown to my book - the big debut should be next week! Then it will be available everywhere and on every device - woo hoo!
  • Tuesday - Playroom clutter got you down? Easy ideas to bring you back up 
  • Wednesday - Feeling swamped by all things related to the computer? Get Yourself Up & Organized
  • Thursday - Heat of the summer getting to you? Organizing Your Ice Cream. Yes, really.
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be organized.....happy Friday.......evelyn

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