Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School Style - in a Unique Way

Back to school time is almost upon us, and JC Penney has asked me to write about my kid's sense of style. My kids sense of style.....hmmm, not much comes to mind.

Let me start out by saying I have 3 kids - all boys.

See? All boys....
And 2 out of 3 have long hair. Longer then mine. The third wishes he had long hair, but his is curly, so it grows out, not down. The bane of his existence.

Their hair would be the only nod to what I would call style.

But they do have opinions about their clothes.

Moms of boys, you know what I'm talking about.

Seems to me, the average boy's sense of clothing style really doesn't kick in until the late teenage years. About when they start buying their own clothes. Then the interesting T shirts show up with bands you never heard of, the trendy jeans also. Before that, they really couldn't care less what is covering their body. As long as it's in their drawers and easily accessible.

Prior to that, the only hint of a sense of style is that whatever is worn must be comfortable. So - as a result I have kids with all different tastes, otherwise known as comfort levels. One won't wear anything with buttons. No buttons or collars of any sort. You can imagine what fun that is around school concert season.

Another won't wear a winter coat. Doesn't matter how cold it might be. Though I'm realizing that this is common with all high schoolers. (Note to manufacturers of coats, don't bother making any for kids between the ages of 13 - 18. They won't wear them. Ever. Until they come home from college at Thanksgiving.)

2 out of 3 of my boys won't wear anything that could be called "heavy stuff". This means sweatshirts, sweaters, fleece, you get the picture. We save a lot of drawer space with this one.

I'm not complaining. This lack of a sense of style makes shopping very easy. But a few t shirts, a few pairs of khaki pants, throw a navy pair in for interest and you're done. The boys don't even have to be with me. I don't even have to be with me - I can do it all online. Like at JC Penneys!

Moms of boys - what goes on in your house? And fashionistas (if that term can be applied to boys) out there? Is it only in my house, in my kids world, where comfort wins out over "style" every time?

be organized.....evelyn

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