Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer's Here- Can I Take A Nap First?

So - summer is here, as indicated by today being the last day of school, and I'm exhausted. I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. Is that even possible? It's dreary and wet here today and all I can think of is that I want to go lie down.

This is not a good way to start the summer.

This is not a feeling that is showcased in the lifestyle magazines - according to them I'm supposed to be happily casting my own chalk and making a terrarium with my kids. And that's just on the first day of summer.

Where's the magazine that shows how to get everyone, including you & the pets, to take a nap at the same time? That's the magazine I want.

Anyway, I do realize that this is all my own fault. Summer has not even really begun and we've had a couple of people over already. Hanging out on the deck, enjoying the summer evenings. Very nice. Very summery. And while there has been various drinks around, that has not been my problem. My problem has been nibbling constantly, so much that I go to sleep feeling like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner. As a result I don't sleep well, and I wake up exhausted. I have a food hangover. And I want to go back to sleep.

Since I don't want to spend my warm summer days waiting for the warm summer nights so I can go back to sleep,  I need to organize a system. A system where I can have friends over and not eat everything in sight. A system where I get enough sleep to enjoy the daylight hours. A system where everything that everyone doesn't bug me because I'm s-o-o-o tired.

Here's some ideas I'm going to try:

  • keep a set sleep schedule - studies show that if you get your body used to a certain rhythm you feel better.
  • do some yoga stretches in the am to get my body up and moving
  • when people are coming over, keep the food on a different table
  • make food I don't particularly like
  • make food based on produce, not carbs.
  • throw the cat off the bed so he doesn't wake me up during the night
  • wake up at a set time each morning
  • and until I catch up, set a nap time for everyone each day! (my kids are 11, 13 & 18, so I'm not sure this will work!)
I'll let you know how all of this pans out next week. Right now I'm going to throw the kids on the bus and go take a nap.

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be organized...........evelyn

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