Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How You Can Organize Moving & Still Keep Your Sanity

Today's topic - Packing up everything you own and moving it somewhere else. Easy as pie - right?

If there was ever a time to clean out and pare down, it's when you move. That's when you find out just how much clutter you have unknowingly accumulated over the years. Time to organize it and move it out!

Some basics:
  • Get rid of extra junk. Look at my list of other blog entries in the right column to help you clear out and declutter.
  • Buy boxes from a moving and storage company. All the same size. This way it's easy to stack them,and you fit more in a small space. Saves money when you pay by the square foot for transport.
  • Start packing way, way, way ahead of time and stockpile. When we moved we actually blocked off one end of a room with packed boxes piled to the ceiling!
  • Label the boxes with what room they go in, and give each box a number.
  • If you are moving yourself, and you are handling all the boxes, write briefly on the outside what is in them, i.e. china, linens, pots, etc.
  • If you are using a moving company, make a paper or computer list that corresponds to the numbers on the boxes. This way the movers won't be "tempted" to open the boxes. And you will have a list of what is in what box so you can find it later.
  • Make one box your "unpack first" box. Include in it things you need to feel right at home and things you need for the first night. That way you don't have to rifle through you boxes looking for your jammies.

A great source to turn to when moving is This site helps you out by giving you packing info, a moving day check list, mail forwarding forms, etc. And it includes a four week countdown to the big move!

That's it. Happy moving and I hope these tips help you have a well organized, stress free move!

be organized....evelyn

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