Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Organizing Tips For Not Saving Clutter in the First Place

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Today's topic: Best Organizing Tips for Not Saving Clutter in the First Place

I had an epiphany today.

Yesterday I posted an email to my friends about a kids swing we no longer needed and wanted to pass along. This was no big deal for me, something I do all the time. As we grow out of, or tire of certain things, I pass them along. This way the item can continue to be useful, lead a colorful life if you will. Regular thinking in my world.
This morning I received an email from a friend saying "didn't I want to save the swing for my grand kids?" This astounded me. Now, I realize grand kids might not be as far off as I'm thinking they are, (my oldest is 18), just the thought of saving anything for a future unknown date seems bizarre to me. And this is where my epiphany came in - Could it be that some peoples lives are cluttered with junk and unorganized because they are saving things for future unknown events? Now, to some this might seem logical. To me, this is completely illogical. Why take up space storing something you may or may not use at a date far off in the future?Amazing! I could no more save something for a future, unknown (unknown being the key word here) date then I could fly. This fact alone could explain why some people seem naturally organized and some aren't. Now, I'm not saying one way of thinking is better then another, (yes I am!) but I am saying that one way will definitely cause more clutter in your life.

So, here are my tips for avoiding that clutter:
  1. Only save items that you know you will use on a specific upcoming date. For example, buying Easter decorations when Easter is coming is good. Even buying them a year ahead is good since there is a specific date coming up. Jot down on your calendar what you bought and where you stored it so you won't forget. This is good planning and will save you from running around when the date comes up.
  2. Saving something for unborn grandchildren that may or may not be coming - not good. This only leads to stuff and more stuff you trip over. Now, if it is a sentimental item like a special bonnet or bib, fine. Just make sure it's only a few things. And that they are really, really, really special.
  3. When faced with some item you no longer need, ask yourself "Doesn't it deserve to be used by someone else?" I can't even think of a time when the answer would be no. Ask your friends if they need it, use Craig's List or Freecycle. Renew, reduce recycle are the key words for this decade. Join in!
  4. Remember, if you no longer need it, get rid of it and make room in you life for new things. Like space. And time. Basic principle in Fung Shui - how can you expect good things to come to you if there is no room for them?
That's all for now. I think I need to go put some item's on Craig's List.....

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be organized!.....evelyn

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