Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Plan The Best Memorial Day Weekend EVER!

I can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend already. Weren't we just shoveling snow? Crazy weather here lately on the east coast, but since today is sunny and warm with no rain in the forecast, I'm not asking questions. And after the wet spring we have had, it's time to welcome summer in a big way............. here's how -

So - seize the weekend! Make it all you want it to be, so come Tuesday you have no regrets. Here are the key elements needed to strike just the right balance for the weekend. At least in my world. Hopefully in yours too.
  • time spent outdoors - a trip to a park, a bike ride, a hike.
  • food eaten outdoors - a picnic, a bar-b-que with family, a bar b-que with friends.
  • playtime spent outdoors - badminton, croquet, baseball, bubble wands, hula hoops.
  • a parade - in my kids world, preferably one that throws candy.
  • water - either a pool, ocean, lake or stream. Just get wet in some way.
  • ice cream
  • alone time with a good book
  • a nap
  • a movie

That's all you need. The trick is to work it all in without feeling rushed. The last thing you want to do is feel like time is fleeting and you aren't actually enjoying anything. Figure out the time you have, plan your outings wisely, and then just roll along. By the time Tuesday comes about, you will fell like you actually relaxed this weekend. But be sure to not over schedule. You know your wants and your families desires. Poll them to see what they really want to do. Work with reality, pick the most important items for you, and make sure those get scheduled in. And if you can't fit it all, don't worry! After all, there are lots more weekends this summer.................

Here's our plan for the weekend.

Friday - 1/2 day at school, pick the kids (and a friend) up, home for an easy lunch, off to the ice cream parlor (don't you love that word? Reminds me of when I was little!), back home for water gun battles in the back yard, and setting up our yard for summer. Hang up the patriotic bunting by the front door. Dinner is pizza on the grill, then off to meet girlfriends for a drink and movie.

Saturday - Walk with friends in the am, then hit some garage sales with the kids, pack lunch and go to a gorgeous park with hiking, streams and lots of shade. Were bringing water guns and bathing suits so it doesn't matter how wet we get! Stop at an old fashioned candy store on the way home. Nap in the hammock, read a bit, then bar-be-que with the family on our deck. Just burgers & dogs, but I bought some special treats like chips in individual bags, and  bubble wands to make it more festive and summery.

Sunday - motorcycle ride with friends in am, more reading, backyard playing, possibly trip to another ice cream parlor, just a lazy afternoon with the kids. Evening bar-be-que with friends.

Monday - parade in town, movie with the kids, more lazing around, then plenty of time to get ready for school and work the next day.

That's it! Worked in all my family's needs & wants, but it never will feel like we're running around. We won't ever feel like we need to watch the clock - and isn't that what relaxing is all about? A little planning in the beginning make sit all flow smoothly.

Now go plan some fun!

be organized......evelyn

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