Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sand Pail List + an easy plan for the Best Memorial Day ever!

Summer is quickly approaching here in the north east, and with that comes the annual question of "what are we going to do this summer?" I don't know how it works in your house, but around here we always start with big plans, lots of ideas, and by the time the beginning of July rolls around, no one can remember anything they had wanted to do!

I used to write ideas down on a piece of paper, but it never seemed to live up to the excitement that summer promises. Then I graduated to a book, but again it never seemed quite right. Recently I discovered something that seems j-u-s-t right! (thanks Better Homes & Gardens for the idea!)

Presenting ..........

The Sand Pail List!

Think Bucket List - but for the summer. Sand Bucket List would also work, but there's something a bit morbid about that.......

So, Sand Pail List it is! Summons up feelings of playfulness, childhood and endless fun - just what summer should always be.

Here's how it works -
  1. make yourself a colorful cover - draw, paint, download - whatever. I did this one on Printshop.
  2. put a few blank pages inside - no more then 4 - you don't want to overwhelm yourself!
  3. gather the family and ask them - "what types of things would you like to do this summer?"
  4. write them down in the book - no particular order.
  5. keep the book somewhere handy  - I keep ours in our "treasure chest" for easy updates and check offs.
  6. once a week, schedule some time to do something on The Sand Pail List! You can do more then one a week if you like - just make sure you get to some of them!
  7. no pressure to do it all - as long as you do some, the summer will be a success!
  8. next fall, look back and remember all you did this summer in the name of fun.
If you happen to be hosting a party this Memorial Day weekend, make a few extra blank copies for your guests. They'll love it - and summer needs to be spread around! Bring back the fun!

be organized.....evelyn

PS - If you have no plans for the long weekend - here's my plan for the BEST Memorial Day Ever!

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