Sunday, November 6, 2011

How a Few Minutes Can Make a Memory.....

I'm always astounded how spending just a few minutes can add up to a wonderful experience for all. My example:

Today was my husband's 50th birthday. And we wanted to do something memorable. Here's how it played out.

Few minutes #1. Last February we went to Crystal Cabin Fever - a really cool ice carving exhibit/slide/museum in PA.  Get it? Cool - ha, ha! Anyway, while we were there we picked up an interesting brochure at the exit.

Few minutes #2 - When we got home, I filed the brochure in my file called Day Trips. This is just a file folder of interesting articles, brochures etc. that I've come across in life.

Few minutes #3. I needed something interesting and unique to do for above mentioned birthday. I went to my day trip folder and pulled out the brochure that we picked up last February. It was for The Museum at Bethel Hills.  Where Woodstock took place. Memorable - yes, interesting - yes. Unique - yes. Even though my husband was only 7 when Woodstock took place, his brothers are 10 years older then him, so he's a honorary hippie.

Few minutes #4. Son #1 was coming home from college to celebrate the birthday. I realized that on our way home from Bethel we would pass right by his college and we could drop him off. Saving a round trip of almost 2 hours. However, this meant he would not be present for birthday cake & blowing out of the candles, since that would be done once we returned home. Unacceptable. So, I needed to make "cake to go". I revamped original b'day cake idea (checkerboard cake) and make a sheet cake instead. In a pan with a locking top. I packed the cake, plates, forks, candles, lighter and water for cake "on the road".

Few minutes #5. After we viewed the museum, we had lunch backwards and had the b'day cake first - on a perfectly placed picnic table on a perfect fall day with a perfect blue sky ON THE FIELD WHERE WOODSTOCK TOOK PLACE! I couldn't ask for a more unique or memorable place to celebrate his 50th birthday.
Picture this with 400,000 more people!

And all because of a few minutes spent here and there.

Moral of the story - a bit of planning can make a wonderful memory.

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