Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Organizing Tips For Closets

Hello! Welcome to my blog where I will let you in on all of the best organizing tips for every area of your home! Organizing doesn't have to be hard. Attacking it just a little bit at a time is the best way to approach it. And, the dividends you will receive by having a neat and organized home (and life) will far outweigh the time you spent on these organizing tips. Ready - lets get started!

Today's topic is closets. Admit it, you would probably be horrified if a friend came into your home right now and peeked into your closet. Well, never fear - by using these organizing tips you will banish that fear forever.

The simple steps:
  1. remove everything from your closet.
  2. sort out anything that doesn't fit, makes you feel fat, gives you a bad feeling, whatever.
  3. save only one size smaller clothing if your goal is to lose weight. One size is a doable goal, more then that, not so doable. Box up the one size smaller clothes and store them somewhere else.
  4. donate whatever is still usable (reuse, reduce, recycle)
  5. throw away whatever is out and out trash.
  6. put whatever remains back into your closet, but hang the hangers on the rod backwards, in other words, with the hook facing out.
  7. after you wear something, hang it back in the closet with the hanger facing the usual way, with the hook towards the back.
After a month, check and see which hangers are still the wrong way around.

Those are the clothes you didn't wear in the past month. Ask yourself why not? And do you really need them?

If they are special occasion clothes, that's fine, they deserve to be in a closet, but not in the closet you use everyday. Hang them somewhere else if you can. (That in itself is a great organizing tip.)

What else is left? Things you didn't wear. Chances are, you don't need them. There is a reason, maybe not an obvious one, that you didn't wear them. It doesn't matter what the reason is, the fact is you didn't wear them. Sieze the moment! Now is the time to get them out of your closet and out of your life - donate them away.

That's it! Congratulations1 You now have more space in your closet thanks to these organizing tips. Go stand in front of your closet and drink it all in. Looks good, right? Enjoy your success!

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be organized!.....evelyn

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