Friday, March 16, 2012

Is Your Refrigerator as Cool As You Are?

So - how's your refrigerator looking these days?

Crammed full? Inside & out?

If it is, it's not helping your state of mind.

Time to do something about it. Time to get a system for it.

First - the outside.
  1. remove anything you've tacked to it. There are better places for utilitarian lists and notes - like the inside of your kitchen cabinets. That way you can see them when necessary, but everyone else doesn't have to.
  2. give the surface a good cleaning with your favorite spray cleaner.
  3. put something on the fridge that makes you smile. One magnet - fine. 400 magnets - not so fine. Clutter stuck to your fridge is just as bad as clutter on your table. They all effect your state of mind. 
  4. why not put something unique on the fridge? I have three framed oil paintings - I found them at a garage sale and just put magnetic tape on the back. Looks great - and I'm probably the only one on the block with that on the fridge!  
  5. different huh?

    Here's a close up:

    part kitchen, part art gallery
  6. Use your imagination - a favorite greeting card, a drawing from your child, (just one please, and do it up right - how about this ritzy magnetic frame? Maybe a postcard from your brother who's traveling cross country....again. (Just saying.)
The point is to use the space for something uplifting and fun, not a clutter center.

Now - for the inside. One of my first posts was all about cleaning, de-cluttering and setting up a system for  your fridge. Read it here.

Now that you've got the steps, set a timer for 15 minutes and work on your fridge - inside or out, your choice. Which one is driving you crazy? Do that one first.

Congrats! You've made a part of your world just a bit better!

Your reward? Now set a timer for 15 minutes and go read, sit in the sun, take a power nap, whatever floats your boat. Take some time for yourself, you've earned it.

be organized & efficient........
Evelyn Cucchiara

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